Dr. Becky Schaffer ~ Veterinarian

Dr. Becky Schaffer is a born-and-raised West Michigander. As a child, Dr. Becky always pledged to become a veterinarian, and she spent many days chasing after stray dogs and hiding abandoned baby birds in homemade nests. She grew up in Cutlerville, MI, and her dream of becoming a veterinarian grew right along with her. She went to Calvin College before heading to East Lansing for vet school and Michigan State University. Go Green, Go White!!

One day in her last year of vet school, Dr. Schaffer was working with the local shelter vet. As she walked down the hall to get their last patient of the day, she saw the happiest dog wagging her tail hopefully in another run. She was enamored, and took Magnolia home that day! Maggie is still the queen of the Schaffer household, and her personality keeps Dr. Schaffer on her toes. They often go for runs together, and Maggie is happiest when doing anything with her owners.

Dr. Schaffer married her husband, Phillip, in August 2016, and they have one daughter, Corinna. In their spare time, they love family trips to the zoo or exploring Michigan nature trails. Dr. Schaffer loves gardening and landscaping their home. She also recently started learning the art of pottery, and is hoping to take a class soon to continue learning. The Schaffers absolutely love enjoying Michigan’s beautiful offerings, so trips to the beach, up North, and lots of walks right around here are some of their favorite memories.

Dr. Schaffer joins Byron Center Animal Hospital after spending 6 years as an emergency veterinarian. She learned a lot and really enjoyed her time there, but she is excited to transition into general practice. She is most looking forward to forming lasting relationships with her clients and their pets. Dr. Schaffer met Dr. Sainsbury while working at the emergency hospital, and they have remained friends over the years. She has long admired Dr. Sainsbury’s clinic, and is thrilled to be the newest member of the team. Dr. Schaffer has a strong interest in surgery, and is planning to expand her surgical skills to include some orthopedic procedures in the near future. She also has a love for caring for geriatric pets and ensuring they have the highest quality of life possible as they age.

Please say hello to Dr. Schaffer at your next visit to Byron Center Animal Hospital! She looks forward to meeting you soon.  

Dr. Stephanie Sainsbury   ~   Veterinarian

"As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a veterinarian - now I am living my dream!"

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Dr. Sainsbury has always known a passion and love for animals. When she was only 3 years old her mother was alarmed to find her petting her uncle’s bull while he munched on hay; seemingly enjoying the curious toddler talking to him! As a young child, she managed to convince her dad while trick or treating to take a “free puppy” from a house. This is the dog she knew as a constant companion until sadly, he was put to rest at the ripe-old-age of 16!

She chose to open the Byron Center Animal Hospital in 2006 with the goal of providing all animals with the highest quality, most compassionate care possible. She is extremely dedicated to her patients and human care-givers and feels very strongly that like us, our pets deserve the optimum in health and happiness. She thrives on the bond she creates with both her patients and clients!

Prior to opening the Byron Center Animal Hospital, Dr. Stephanie worked doing emergency and critical care at a 24 hour care facility. She completed her undergraduate degree from Lake Superior State University and veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario. Her hometown is in Canada, but she now lives here with her husband, Jeff, who has always called Grand Rapids home. They have one son, Zach, that they welcomed into their family in 2013. To keep him company, they have Cliff, a rescued mastiff mix, and a cat named Jack. Dr. Sainsbury loves to watch Zach giggle and play with his four-legged siblings! In her spare time, Dr. Sainsbury enjoys mountain bike racing, hiking and reading. She has always had a love of the outdoors and nature. Whenever she is able, she will gather up Zach, Cliff and Jeff and head outside!