Pet insurance and human insurance are similar in a few ways. You will have to pay a monthly premium that usually ranges from $35-$65 per month for accident and illness coverage. You will also have a deductible; depending on the insurance provider, you may either have a per-incident or annual deductible. You will also have a co-pay due for each visit after your deductible has been met. With most insurance providers, you are able to select the co-pay percentage and the deductible to meet your needs. If you choose a higher deductible, it will lower your monthly premium but it also means the amount you will pay out of pocket for treatment will be higher. 

Pet insurance and human insurance also differ in a few ways. With pet insurance, there are no in-network veterinarians. You can use your pet insurance at any animal hospital or emergency clinic in any area. This is great for the emergencies that happen in the middle of the night when your primary animal hospital isn’t open, or if your pet is injured while you are traveling out of town. Also, unlike human insurance, you will pay your vet bill up front and then after your claim has been submitted you will be reimbursed for the appropriate amount. Most companies will reimburse you pretty quickly.

You can also find reviews of potential insurance companies here:

You can use your pet insurance at any licensed veterinarian in the US; some plans will even allow coverage in another country if you are traveling.

Do not buy pet insurance with the expectation that it will always save you money. It is designed to give you peace of mind against unexpected veterinary costs.

Do not pick pet insurance based on cost. You must look at the coverage it provides to make it worth your while.

A guide to pet insurance

ALWAYS do your research before buying pet insurance.

by  Jonelle Cooper

Is pet insurance right for you? Here is a quick survey that can help you determine if it’s the best choice for you and your pet:

Are you having a hard time understanding pet insurance and the benefits of having it for your pets? While it may seem overwhelming at first, it’s actually quite simple. Pet insurance is available to help soften the financial shock for unexpected and costly vet bills. It was not originally designed as a means to help save money on annual vet appointments; many pet insurance companies now offer a wellness plan that can be added to your accident and illness policy that will cover the majority of your pet’s wellness services. Just like any other form of insurance, you may end up putting in more than you actually get out if your pet is healthy and does not have any medical emergencies. On the other hand, if your pet has had an unfortunate year, you may get back MORE than you pay in. While no one would wish ill will on their own pet, if they happen to run into a string of bad luck, you would feel safe and secure knowing you had pet insurance on your side.

While there are many different companies that provide pet insurance, here are some you can start your research with:

Make sure you understand all the exclusions and requirements listed in the policy.

Do NOT wait until your pet has an illness or injury before buying pet insurance; Often times, this can then become a preexisting condition.

Tips for selecting the best insurance policy for you:

Pick plans that include the following:

  • Coverage for Cancer
  • Coverage for hereditary and congenital diseases
  • Coverage for chronic disease​
  • Coverage for medical conditions that are common to your pet’s breed and species            

January 2018